Features of luxury watches that one should look out for

Measuring time has always been a thing for humans and it remains the same. Even if one may argue that there are phones and digital devices these days which serves the purpose of a watch as well. However, it cannot be denied that watches have their own charm, especially a luxury watch on which one might have to spend extra bucks. These watches act as a piece of jewelry which shows the lifestyle that the wearer leads.

There are many big and small features and traits of a luxury watch which makes it luxurious and expensive. Some of these characteristics are:


The window through which one will get to see the watch and the time is called crystal. Best watches have strongest crystals which not only will survive any kind of accident and pressure, it will also survive scratches and will prevent glare. Luxury watches like Ed Marshall jewelers raid watches have sapphire crystals or mineral glass crystal. These crystals tend to spike the price of the watches after sapphire is not cheap.


The movement of the watch depends from manufacturer to manufacturer. whether customized handmade or mass produced, if the movement of the watch is not right then its value reduces considerably. Mechanical movement of the watches tends to be the most pricey one however one can also find quartz movement in many high ends watches as well. The movements can be made either in Switzerland or in Japan if it is a Japanese watch.

Build and make

Construction of the watch should be strong and solid made of premium grade materials only. mostly luxurious watches are made of single metal only however it depends on the design and style too. many people like to wear heavier watches and many like to wear lighter ones. The most expensive material used these days in the titanium which makes lighter fine styled watches.


Luxury watches these days does not some in simple form as there is a huge demand for decorations and chronograph along with jewels embellished. This brings out an expensive and rich look and feels to the watch. However, most of the watchmakers keep it in mind to keep in minimal as well otherwise it will ruin the feel of a watch and will turn it into only a piece of jewelry.


Lastly, a good watch should have a fine finish which either brushed or polished. A clear finish is important to give the watch a high-end look and also to make sure it does not lose its shine with time. Watchmakers tend to treat the watches with diamond-like carbon or physical,l vapor deposition treatments which increases the price even more.

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